The Mother Runnin’ Truth

The Mother Runnin'Truth

To start out with, I opened up WordPress to write a new post because I was (finally) feeling motivated to get caught up on here and I realized I have only written one singly, lonely post this entire year that isn’t a Monday Miles update.  Holy guacamole y’all.

Naturally I got to wondering why on earth I had been so terrible at blogging this year…then I remembered that Oliver only started sleeping somewhat decently about a month ago at the very most.  And it takes a whole lot longer than a month of semi-decent sleep to offset the seven months of sleep deprivation I had racked up!

It’s also really freaking hard to know what to say.  I am still not running consistently.  I am nowhere near where I thought I “should” be at this point.  I don’t have any particular goals anymore and the few I made feel like crazy long shots and frankly a little discouraging to think about. Pregnant me thought postpartum me would crack down and run a 50 miler by Oliver’s first birthday.  For those keeping score, yes, that is just under four months away.  And yes, I am barely able to run a mile without taking walk breaks.  So obviously that is going well.

All this leaves me at a loss for what to talk about.  Then after staring at a blank screen for longer than I care to admit I realized that the best thing to do is to write about what I am living right now.  Because I know I am not alone.  For all the moms on Instagram qualifying for Boston 3 days postpartum, there are a whole bunch of us that need a couple pots of coffee just to remember how to tie our running shoes.

I want to inspire other runners, that is why I started blogging…but maybe right now the purpose of this space isn’t to provide inspiration, but to give a voice to those of us that are struggling.  Maybe our struggles aren’t the same, but none of us are as alone as we can feel.

In that spirit, I am going to be writing a series of posts about the big freaking struggles I have faced so far in my postpartum running journey. I think those posts will happen this week. But hey, I make no promises.  I think it’s going to be fun and maybe even a little therapeutic.

I don’t have it all figured out and I think that’s ok.  Hopefully you will join me on this journey of candidly talking about what the postpartum period is like.

Are you a running mama? I would love to have you drop a line or send me a message telling me the things you are struggling with! If you are one of those BQ three days postpartum mamas you can hang out too…but only if you tell us how the heck you did it!

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  1. I love “For all the moms on Instagram qualifying for Boston 3 days postpartum, there are a whole bunch of us that need a couple pots of coffee just to remember how to tie our running shoes.” Haha It’s so true! We strugglin mamas need to band together! I am happy with my endurance and speed right now, considering, but what I continue to struggle with is running as often as I would like. At any given time, I feel like there are a number of different mommying obstacles in my way and I cannot set mileage goals or establish a routine for the life of me! Now that it’s summer, one of the few options I have to run alone and run a decent distance is if I leave at 430am and come home by 6am for when my baby wakes up since hubby needs to sleep due to his schedule. But…..I hate getting up that early unless it’s race day, it’s dark so I never feel safe and comfortable, and in the words of comedian mom, Ali Wong, “I’ve suffered enough!” Why am I going to kill myself to wake up that early when I need all the sleep I can get to survive another day in motherhood? Lol it’s an inner battle in my mind.

    1. Yes! I have to leave for work by 6, so I would have to get up insanely early to get a run in in the morning. And husband isn’t home so I’d have to get little dude up. So the only days I could go for long runs are my days off. And who wants to get up early then?!

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