Winter Slump

Y’all I am in a running rut again.  I have not run a single mile since the Hot Chocolate 15k a week and a half ago.  Not a good thing since I have the Alamo 13.1 coming up next month! (And let’s face it: next month is not that far away!)

It’s been one of those situations where I just feel worn out by the end of the day and want nothing more than to put on my pajamas and go straight to bed.  And on the days I actually feel like I might have some energy, it’s raining and cold!  Or it’s 80+ degrees and I about sweat to death just walking to my car after work.  I guess the biggest challenge is that my body just can’t adjust to this wacky weather we have been having!  I am looking forward to longer daylight hours and hoping that will help me be more motivated to run when I can do it in daylight!

Mostly I am writing this to whine and vent just a little bit, but I am open to suggestions if you have a surefire way to get out of the rut 🙂

Today I am going to work on my new playlist and hope that it will motivate me to get out the door for a few miles this evening!

How is your running mojo this week?!

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