Wednesday Miles?

Well the title doesn’t have quite the ring to it that Monday miles does, but Monday got a little hectic…then yesterday I ran a little too far in a little too much heat and wiped myself out!  So Wednesday seemed like the best option 🙂

Last week I netted a grand total of about 10 miles.  So far not so great on the training thing.  I keep making the same dumb mistakes that I did in the past that lead to taking time off for stupid stuff (like shin splints because I wore the wrong shoes and drinking too much coffee before a race and throwing my stomach way off balance.)  I was impressed that a little bit of focus on speed work paid off pretty well at my 5k last Saturday.  I had not been truly training for it but still went in with a goal to finish under 30 minutes.  While I missed the goal (by 4 seconds) it made me realize that focusing a little on speed really does make a difference for me.  I had written myself off as a slow runner, but maybe just maybe I might be able to become a little less slow!


This week, luckily, is already off to a better start and I was able to knock out a 10 mile run.  This was a huge thing for me because I always assume my overall level of fitness will carry over and help out, but I start to question it until I tackle something like this! The last couple miles yesterday weren’t pretty, but they happened and that’s what counts.


A review of the 5k I ran this weekend (spoiler alert it was awesome!) is coming soon along with sharing some big news for summer…but unfortunately I make zero money blogging so I have to go to that real life job thing!

Happy Hump Day!

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