Wake me up when September ends…

oh wait, September is over…somehow!

I have been listing in a blur lately and I think I fell into survival mode.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I signed up for my first postpartum half marathon.  To say my training for the BCS Marathon Half is off to a slow start is the understatement of the year I think.  In the last month I have moved, road tripped from Texas to South Carolina and back, been in a wedding, and had Oliver’s first birthday party (at the house we just moved into).  Oh and I have been working a few days a week as well…plus parenting the little dude.  Not going to lie, I think I wore myself out just writing that list!

Now that my house is in some semblance of order and my big events for the fall are over, I am looking forward to getting back to running more.  I have been running with the local Stroller Warriors group a couple times and it has been great motivation to get up and get going on Monday mornings!  Plus track workouts with a stroller are a great challenge haha.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, sorry for ghosting! You will be seeing more of me soon!

(P.S. check back tomorrow for a fun product review!)

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