Ultima Replenisher Review

Ultima Replenisher Review - liveslowrunfast.com - Ultima Replenisher provides great tasting, sugar free electrolytes with minimal packaging! Great for staying hydrated year round.

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Is there any better time than summer to test new electrolyte supplements? I know we sweat and workout year round…but right now I am working outside all day in addition to running.  I feel like a sweat expert!

ultima review

I received the lemonade and raspberry flavors of Ultima to try and LOVE both flavors.  I also like that the powder comes in both sleeves and a tub.  Wasteful packaging isn’t something I like, so the fact that Ultima has fine tuned their product to give you all the benefits and flavor without all the packaging and waste is great.  The sleeves are about half the size of comparable products and mix with the same or more water!

Ultima Review

The tub is also amazing because there are 30 servings of lemonade in a canister the size of an actual lemon.  The scoop is tiny and I am still a little shocked every time an itty bitty scoop actually makes an entire bottle of water taste so good!

The lemonade flavor has become my go-to middle of the day drink because it has a nice fresh and slightly tart flavor in addition to helping me stay hydrated.  I also appreciate that there is no sugar so you don’t have the crazy sugar rush then crash  that other sports drinks can give you.

And now for the all important question: how does it sit in your stomach on a run?  I will be the first to admit that this is a major concern for me. Luckily Ultima is great and I never had a single issue with it sitting funny when I drank it while I ran.

Overall I highly recommend trying out Ultima if you are looking for a way to stay hydrated on your runs…and who isn’t?  The two flavors I had were great, but there are even more fun options on their website!

If you have any questions about my experience with Ultima, please feel free to let me know!

If you would like to try it for yourself , use the code BIBRAVE2016 for 35% off AND free shipping!

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