UCAN SuperStarch Review

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UCAN review

Finding the right fuel for your run can be really darn complicated. I can’t do gels and much prefer real food (and my stomach tolerates it well) but carrying around enough food for your run can start to feel a little overwhelming sometimes too. Not to mention, stopping to eat real food can mess up your rhythm sometimes.  With UCAN, I feel like I have found a product that actually meets my needs!

UCAN is powered by SuperStarch and is designed to provide steady energy without disrupting your GI system and also without the crash that often comes when the initial sugar shock of other products wears off.  It also contains way less calories than your average gel which is a big deal if weight loss/maintenance is one of your reasons for running!

Ease of Use

UCAN could not be easier to use.  The best part is that it is not an exact science and can easily be customized to your preferences.  My samples were in pouches but it also comes in larger tubs that you can scoop from.  The best part is that the amount of water you mix with UCAN does not affect how it will work.  This means that you can mix it with less water to make your own gel, morerate water to make a thicker drink, or a lot of water if you prefer a less strong flavor.  I have not personally tried making it into a gel because it was simply easier to drink it before my runs and be done.

The instructions with the samples stated that it was best to take UCAN half an hour before your run and that it should be sufficient for runs up to about 2 hours.  The 30 minute wait was less than what I am used to with “real” food for breakfast before a run, so it was actually pretty nice to get all the energy I needed for a run so quickly!

UCAN review samples


Obviously this is a big deal. If something tastes bad I am just not going to do it.  Overall I loved the taste of this product. The cranberry-raspberry was my very very favorite! I will go ahead and admit that I just couldn’t do the cocoa delite.  I tried it in water at first, then followed the recommendations to try it in coffee and just could not do it.  Others who tested out the product liked it better, but it was not the flavor for me.  The good news was that the rest of the flavors were great!


The end all be all of a product right? If it doesn’t work, what’s the point?  I was very impressed with how well UCAN worked for me.  I used it not only for long runs, but also for an intense trail running/hiking adventure up a mountain.  Because UCAN works by keeping your blood sugar stable, there were no ups and downs or sugar crashes.  I felt more energetic than usual when running and the good feeling carried through for my whole run.


If you are looking for an easy way to fuel your runs, I definitely recommend giving UCAN a shot. It is working very well for me and I am planning to order more to fuel future runs!  You can check out their selection here and if you use code “BIBRAVE” and get 15% off!


Have questions about my experience with UCAN? Let me know!


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