UCAN Snack Bars

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If you read my review of the UCAN drink mix you know that I am a huge believer in superstarch.  I still have not found any other product that can give me lasting energy without the highs and lows like it does.  Needless to say I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test the UCAN Snack Bars.

The Science

Like the drink mix, the UCAN snack bars contain superstarch which is designed to provide energy and stabilize your blood sugar without highs and lows that you would experience from sugar or caffeine energy products.  The bar also has protein to make it a more filling snack.


The UCAN snack bars do not have quite as much “kick” as I experienced with the drink mix so they would probably not be sufficient to power a couple hours of running, but I thought they were great for before or after a moderate run.  I liked to use them when I had days where my nutrition before going running had not been great and I knew I needed an extra boost.


The UCAN snack bars were also great after hot Florida runs when you end up sweating just a bit more than anticipated and need to refuel yourself quickly and easily.  They were also great in this situation because they are not heavy or upsetting to your stomach.  I also liked them for days where I was running errands and just needed something to snack on to keep my energy level up.  A lot of times I don’t want to stop to eat so a snack that I can carry in my purse is a great solution.


If you had a way to eat a UCAN snack bar while running without carrying it with you I think it would be a great run fuel as well. Unfortunately I found that putting it in the pocket of my Orange Mud pack generally caused the coating to melt and it was messy and unappetizing while running.


Obviously with a food product this is a huge factor! While I didn’t really care for the peach flavor, I enjoyed the coffee and cinnamon flavors.  The texture does take some getting used to. Since superstarch is made from cornstarch there is a chalky type texture.  While this would be a deal breaker in a five star restaurant, I could easily get past the texture because I had good results for its intended purpose.  I think if you remember that this is a snack bar with a purpose rather than a candy bar it is easy to work with the texture.  Since I have a little bit of a funny stomach while running I think the texture did play a part in why I did not like to eat them mid run, but was much more able to enjoy them before and after running.



I plan to purchase more UCAN snack bars. The texture was a little different and took some getting used to, but I continue to have great results with the superstarch and really like having this more portable option.

Have questions about my experience with UCAN snack bars? Let me know!

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