UCAN with Protein Review

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Having tried a couple UCAN products in the past, I knew I was a big fan of Superstarch.  I was very excited to try out UCAN with protein because I had had such a great experience with superstarch in the past.

If you are new to superstarch, it is the basis of UCAN products and works to stabilize your blood sugar without out any spikes or crashes.  It provides a nice, steady energy that usually lasts about two hours.

The addition of protein is nice because it helps you feel full while still providing the sustained energy.  I enjoyed using it before and after workouts.  As we all know, protein after a workout is important for muscle recovery.  And if you have ever experienced the major crash after a long run you can appreciate the need for stabilized blood sugar and energy!

The first time I tried UCAN with protein I mixed the Vanilla bean with frozen fruit, an avocado and almond milk.  It was delicious! There is a little bit of a chalky texture but that is pretty much something I expect with any protein powder.

The second time I used it, I just mixed the chocolate powder with water in a blender bottle to drink on the go at work.  It was great and helped keep me energized on the go….and helped me avoid over-snacking while driving!

My next try was with the vanilla powder, water and frozen fruit.  I was wishing for another avocado because I like a little creamier smoothie, but it was still good.  More importantly it kept me going through all my last minute Christmas shopping!

Overall I very much enjoyed the UCAN with protein.  Both flavors were good and I am still a huge fan of the benefits of superstarch.

If you have questions about my experience with UCAN with protein please let me know!

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