Try it Tuesday: UV Half BUFF®

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Have you ever started using a product and immediately wondered where it had been your whole life? No joke that’s how I feel about the UV Half BUFF® from BUFF®USA!
UV Halk Buff Review -


I live in Florida so it is absurdly hot and humid and most runs last about 30 seconds before I have sweat pouring down my face and my hair just gets steadily larger and wilder as the run progresses. Not life threatening, but not a good look either. I also happen to have a longish and biggish noggin. That means that all the sweat headbands (or really just headbands in general) I had tried before either went flinging off the back of my head with surprising force, or gave me a headache before too long.
UV Half BUFF review -

(I know I know, all the Florida talk and I picked the Washington print…but I have to have a little home state pride every now and then!)

The half Buff is a great size (half the length of the original Buff) because I can just fold it in half then roll up the back a bit and it fits great…I’m partial but I think it looks pretty cute too.
I’ve worn mine on many many runs now and it has never slipped once. And even though the rest of me is soaked through with sweat, I don’t have any running down my face. Can I get an amen?
As if a headband that actually stays put when you run (ok I also highly recommend it for hot yoga!) isn’t enough, it’s also got sunburn fighting powers. The UV Half BUFF® blocks 95% of UV Rays. Girls, if you’ve ever been for a long run with your hair parted and burned your scalp you know how great this is. Guys, probably the same thing?
In addition to coming in a ton of awesome patterns and colors, it’s also made out of a great material that regulates temperature really well. As in I don’t feel like I’m having a heat stroke wearing this on my head while running. Rumor has it that they are also really good for keeping your ears/head warmer in the chillier part of the year. Needless to say I have not had the opportunity to check that functionality personally. Anyone have a walk in freezer I can borrow?
Overall I give the UV Half BUFF® two thumbs up and then some! It has quickly become one of my must haves for running!
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