Trail Time

If you follow me on social media (which you totally should!) you probably saw that I finally made it out to log some miles on the trail yesterday! Hallelujah!  Single track trail running is truly my favorite thing to do and it is 100% my happy place.


A new trail wasn’t actually the plan yesterday, I went to my usual trailhead, thought I followed the same color paint, and somehow ended up on an entirely different track.  Oops.  New trails are rarely a bad thing, though I actually reached a dead end on this one before I was wanting to turn around, but I had tweaked my ankle right at the turnaround and the temperature was climbing rapidly, so turning back at 3 miles rather than five was actually pretty beneficial.

Both  coming and going I saw alligators hanging out in the river which was a bucket list thing for me…I spend a crazy amount of time looking for alligators while running.  And when you see them you should obviously get closer to the water, not further away!


I climbed out on a log to get this picture; I need to figure out a way to carry my big camera on runs so I can zoom instead!


Then on the way back I caught my foot on a vine, started stumbling down a hill, was convinced I was going to fall down to the river and die, but eventually caught myself on a tree…luckily with my hands rather than my face.  I managed to pop my back on impact and after sleeping on it I still can’t decide if it hurt or helped.  Being on my feel all day for work will be the real test.

This was, I’m pretty sure, my first trail run since the 50k in December…which is a very long time!  As much as I prefer the trail it is hard to justify the 30+ minute drive each way to get there.  I got used to the perks of country living so this city life thing can be a shock to the system!  That said, I love waking up the morning after a good trail run and feeling just a little sore everywhere, nothing alarming, but a pleasant reminder that you went out and had a good time yesterday.  Am I weird or is this at least normal for other runners?  If I am not a little sore I feel like I didn’t work hard enough!

The thing I wasn’t prepared for, and I don’t think you really can, was the hungry.  That feeling of being completely empty and wanting to eat literally anything and everything that you can get your hands on.  Talking on the phone with my mom as I was driving home yesterday I think she was convinced I had taken a left turn towards crazy town because I was so incredibly fixated on getting to Tijuana Flats to get my tacos.  Maybe I had because all I wanted in the world were my tacos, chips, and a cherry coke.  Even after eating and showering I still felt like I was starving to death! This isn’t new, I had the empty hungry feeling for days after the 50k, but it is a shock every time.  You forget that it is possible to feel that desperate about food!


Overall, it was a great way to spend a Tuesday morning!

Did you have a good run yesterday? Do you like trails or avoid them?

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