Third Trimester Mental Reset

I am in the third trimester officially!  It is so strange to think that I am nearing the end of this adventure (just to start a new one!) because it feels like just yesterday that I found out I was going to be a mom! Today I hit 28 weeks and I got to thinking that the remaining 12 weeks would be enough to train for a marathon under different circumstances.  How crazy is that?!

If you know me or are a regular reader, I am sure you will have noticed that I have not been on this blog nearly as much recently as I was pre-pregnancy.  To be entirely honest I have been struggling a lot with what to write about and share because I let myself feel like this pregnancy has robbed me of my identity.  How’s that for some heavy stuff on a Wednesday?!  It isn’t that I am not excited about having a baby, it’s more to do with all the things that I usually allow to define me and my current inability to do them.  I am a runner that can’t run, I am an equestrian that can’t ride horses, I am a fit person that gets winded trying to make the bed.  At the end o the day it is very overwhelming and confusing and I think I just got bogged down in all of the “can’ts” in my life.

To follow up all that hefty emotional stuff, I want to go back to the marathon training example.  I have about 12 weeks left until I welcome this baby boy into the world and I do not want to spend that time miserable and emotionally drained from trying to figure out the meaning of my life!  So I am challenging myself to a mental reset over the next 12 weeks.

What does that look like?

Its time to STOP focusing on the negative and START embracing the positive!

Stop being sad about not running and start enjoying workouts I can do:

It’s summer in Texas so it is essentially always too hot to get outside to walk or run and that has really taken a toll on me. Running has been something I have turned to over the past five plus years for not only a physical challenge but also a mental break.  I don’t have a gym membership and I got so caught up in not being able to run that I didn’t even try to do anything else.  For the next 12 weeks I am committing to doing something active every single day.  I am getting back to wearing my Garmin and trying to hit my step goals…even if that means walking circles at work every so often.  There are so many great YouTube and Pinterest options for workouts as well.  As much as I wish I had been doing these things all along, I am done letting regret dictate what I do now.

I am setting a goal of being as prepared as possible to not only have a baby, but also to return to running as soon as I am medically cleared!  Just because I can’t run right now doesn’t mean I have to let my legs get weak.

Stop worrying about becoming “unrelatable” and just write:

I don’t want to become a pregnancy/”mommy” blogger because that is not the total of who I am, but at the same time it is where I am in life tight now.  So at the risk of people not reading because they are at a different stage in life, I am going to be opening up more about my life and where I am here and now.  Sorry if that isn’t your cup of tea, but it’s what works best for me!

Stop comparing myself to others and embrace my own life:

It’s easy to find all the #fitpregnancy ladies out there on Instagram and wish you looked more like that.  Trust me.  I do it all the time.  When I found out I was pregnant it was my goal to be one of those people, but I quickly realized that life can have other plans for you and it works best if you just accept your own life rather than trying to fit into the mould of “success” you see others sharing.  I am not super fit and I am not all belly and I cannot change that, but I can work on accepting myself exactly as I am.



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