Running Shoes, Riding Boots and High Heels: Finding my own path

finding my own path

finding my own path

The blogging world is a really weird place. You look around at other blog for inspiration and models of success…but blogs are so personal how are you supposed to be successful trying to copy someone else?

So why am I stalking other bloggers?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about who I am as a blogger and what I want to write about.  As much as I love running, there is so many amazing things that I am interested and involved in!  I love to travel and read and do DIY projects. I ride horses and like to wear pretty clothes.  For a while now I have been tossing around the idea of starting a second blog for my other interests.  Not necessarily because I want to write two different blogs about my life; I was just so caught up in the mentality that this is a running blog and running bloggers don’t talk about all those other things. No matter how many blogs I scanned through I couldn’t find one that covered all the things I’m interested in.  Bloggers combine interests, but none looked like what I was envisioning.

Then I realized…

That is what makes me unique.  My combination of interests are not wrong and they do not disqualify me from potentially having a successful blog.  I am a mixture of all these interests and skills and it is okay for my blog to reflect that!  Realistically I don’t think it should have taken me quite so long to come to this realization, but I guess at least I figured it out eventually.

Embracing my own story

I first turned to blogging as a way to find a community. I was a runner in a very tiny town with no other runners my age.  Blogging provided a platform to meet other runners and to hear their stories. I had the ability to write about running and share my experiences with people who had similar interests.  I no longer had to bore my friends with my running stories.  Now that I have found running friends in “real life” I may not technically need this place to share my story, but I love doing it.

In the future I will be steering this space towards including a variety of topics outside of running.  Perhaps this will lose followers, but I hope instead to appeal to the greater audience of people who are also interested in running but not so interested that it is all they want to talk/read about.  Either way it will turn this blog into a more accurate representation of who I am!

Have you had a blogging identity crises in the past?

How do you balance your “niche” interest with the rest of your life?

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  1. Great post! I work from home and I used to teach yoga, Pilates and organize outdoor events. I busted my knee skiing and stopped teaching and socializing loosing my connection with my community. Luckily, just like you I have many interests witch includes writing! Blogging gave me a sense of community and connection.

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