Running is looking a little different these days…

By different what I really mean is dramatically decreased, but it’s finally time to share why!


We’re having a baby!  And yes, we already bought a BOB 🙂

I have been wanting to share this news for forever, but also wanted to have an ultrasound first because I am a little paranoid.  Thanks to crazy insurance shenanigans I just went for my first doctors appointment on Friday…at 18 weeks! While waiting this long has been very anxiety inducing, the silver lining was that I was also able to find out that we are having a boy!  I honestly could not be more excited and cannot wait for September to get here.

Obviously being pregnant has impacted my running a lot over the past few months and I don’t think it’ll ever go back to “normal.”  But that’s ok and part of the fun.  Now, before getting pregnant, I saw all the Instagram posts and the blogs by “fit moms” and all the women who were able to keep running/exercising the whole time with no real change.  I know better to believe everything I see on the internet, but I was a little surprised at just how different my experience was.  There was no way I was going to keep up my running; getting out of bed and staying awake for a full day was (and sometimes still is) brutal.  By noon on the average day I am literally more exhausted than I have ever been after a 50k!  Between that and moving to a neighborhood where I don’t have the option to step out my front door and go for a run, I have been lacking the much needed motivation to lace up and get going.

Things have gotten better lately and I feel like I have more energy, so hopefully I will be able to get back to running consistently again soon.  I obviously don’t plan on doing any crazy races until a while after the baby is born (more on those “goals” soon) but I am hoping to do a few fun 5ks this summer! It won’t be fast but I am enjoying this new phase of life and don’t want to overdo it.

Because we just moved to Texas in October, I did not have a doctor here yet and I just took the first available appointment at the office that accepts my insurance.  I am SO SO lucky and happened to get a doctor that runs marathons so he was very positive about my running as much as I want as long as I listen to my body and respect what it is telling me.  I have had doctors in the past that did not like the fact that I ran and were constantly telling me how bad it could be for this that and the other part of me.  It is very nice to find a doctor, purely by luck, that understands the whole running thing!

As far as blogging and social media, this isn’t going to turn into a “mommy blog,” but I am going to start talking more about how these life changes and fitness are co-existing in my life.  It’s not going to be easy so hopefully sharing the experience will help me :). For now it is all a learning process and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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