Monday Miles: January 8, 2018

I have missed writing these posts! Now that I am back to running on a (semi) regular basis and I have a mileage goal for the year, I figure it is time to start keeping track of my progress as well!

This past week I went for 3 runs and totaled 8 miles.

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I didn’t kick off my 2018 running until last Thursday when I ran 3.2 miles around my neighborhood. It wasn’t fast or all that exciting, but it was the longest run I have done since well before Oliver was born, so that is something!


Saturday I got talked into a ladder run on the track which ended up being a lot less miserable than I thought it would be and came out to a total of 3.3 miles.

On a side note, I might live in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, but I am only .2 miles from the track!


Sunday I was hoping to run another 5k. However I did not eat enough that morning and I was starving my the time I got to the track.  I thought I might be able to push through it but it started raining after I ran a few laps and I ran out of energy and willpower and ran home.  I ended up with a total of 1.5 miles.


8 miles in a week seems so small when you write it down and really think about it.  But I am really proud of those 8 miles because they were not easy.  I have never been this out of shape in my life.  I have always been active and I don’t remember any other time where I have had to entirely start from scratch.  It’s scary! I have all these hopes and dreams and unspoken goals and then I realize I can’t run a mile without walk breaks.  This is going to be a really challenging year for me and it feels really overwhelming right now. But I am optimistic and I hope that it’ll get better as I go!


Weekly total: 8 miles

Monthly total: 8 miles

2018 total: 8 miles / 1000 goal

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