Monday Miles – April 23, 2018

monday miles-2

Oh my lanta.  How have I not posted since January?!  I pinky promise I am back on the wagon this time.  Life has been all kinds of crazy and running took a back seat for quite some time.  I’ll be posting a life update tomorrow but for today I want to focus on the fact that I ran 6 days in a row this past week!!! I guess if I am going to make a running comeback I might as well go all out right?


nope nothing.


two miles with the stroller.


two miles with the stroller


one mile with the stroller


three miles with the stroller, and Charlie


one mile with the stroller


five miles with the stroller!


I am pretty impressed with how this week went! Pushing the stroller has definitely been a learning experience and it is so much more work, but being able to take Oliver out on runs with me has freed me up to run so much more.  I am hoping it will help me build up some speed and endurance as well! Yesterday’s five mile run gave me a huge boost of confidence and motivation.  I’ve felt so defeated by my lack of fitness but I was able to reach a little stepping stone goal that makes me feel like getting back to running long distances really is possible.  Yes my “runs” still involve a lot (like a lot a lot) of walking.  But I actually feel like I am making progress which is a big deal.


Weekly Total: 14 miles

April Total: 14 miles

2018 Total: 32 mile/1000 goal

Stroller Run Total: 14 miles

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