Monday Miles 9/5/16

Monday Miles

Hey there and happy Monday! I am sure many people are excited about having the day off from work….I happen to be excited that I have a job interview tomorrow! It has been too many days since I worked and I am ready to get going.  Fingers crossed this will lead to a job ASAP.  In the mean time, it is time to talk about all the miles I did (and didn’t) run last week!

Monday Miles


5 miles, felt AMAZING! After being sick for a week it felt nice to run while feeling good.


0 miles, back to feeling crummy.


2 miles, moderately ok. It’s still really hot out.


2 miles, switched back to my Nikes after running a lot in the Ampla Flys I have been testing out. Really noticed a difference! Also the Nikes are not as springy or comfy.


0 miles, wayyy too much tropical storm/hurricane action going on outside.  No thank you.


17 miles.  If you follow my social media you know I was aiming for 20.  It didn’t happen.  It was really hot, my nutrition plan sucked, and my hip decided it didn’t want to play.  Sucked it up for 17 miles to get back to my car, couldn’t mentally turn around to do 3 more.


0 miles. Recovery day.


Weekly total: 26

September total: 19


How was your week of running?

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