Monday Miles 9/12/16

Monday Miles

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend treated you well and wishing you hot, strong coffee this morning! This week is finally the week! Friday I head up to Wisconsin for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series 50k. If you’ve been keeping up with this journey you might remember that I was actually signed up for the 50 miler.  For a plethora of reasons (flights, foot pain, questionable training, etc.) I dropped to the 50k instead and I am feeling so so so much better about this upcoming weekend now!!

That said, lets talk about this past week in mileage 🙂

Monday Miles


0 miles. No excuses. Being a bum.


0 miles. Drove to Savannah for a job interview instead!


0 miles. But lots of walking around Beaufort so that counts for something right?


0 miles. I guess this counts as a taper?


2 miles.  Hot and sticky out (real feel of 100)but got it done.


o miles. Because I spontaneously decided to run a trail half on Sunday.


12 miles.  Awesome trail half marathon…course was about a mile short thanks to major flooding. Yay for running in Florida after a hurricane. (PS Full race review coming tomorrow)

Weekly total: 14

September total: 33

How was your week of running?

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