Monday Miles – 5/23/16

Happy Monday! I start my brand new job today and I am so excited! We moved up to the mountains yesterday and I already got a run in.  It feels so weird to be back running hills (really steep hills) but the challenge is at least offset by the fact that I can actually breathe here. The lack of humidity and heat makes such a huge difference.  Last night I actually got a second 2 mile run in because I had to run back and forth a couple times between the barn and where I am staying.  It was very cold out…the low last night was in the upper 40s yall…and I grabbed the wrong keys so I had to do it twice.  Felt like a popsicle by the time I got to my room!

Overall for the week, I netted about 8 miles.  Really really not where I wanted to be. I had to pick up an extra day at work, so I had only one full day to pack and get everything ready. The get ready day and the day I had to work were supposed to be my two long run days but there was just no way it was going to happen.

As much as a weekly total of 8 miles is a horrible thing to have to confess, I am pretty proud that 5 of those miles were up here in the mountains.  That means they practically count double right?

In addition to the crazy schedule this past week, I also have to admit that I have been suffering from a lack of motivation. As excited as I am to take on the challenge of a 50 miler, it just wasn’t enough to make me want to run yet another loop around my neighborhood.  I have been counting down the days until this job started because I now have a whole slew of trails literally right out my front door.  All I can think is how crazy lucky I am right now.  I am getting paid to do something I love, I am working with my running buddy, and I have to most incredible access to trails for running.  Suddenly my running inspiration is flooding back and I can’t wait to get out and explore the area!

Hopefully next week I will have significantly better numbers to report!

How were your runs last week? Do you ever get in a rut and need a change of scenery on your runs?

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