Monday Miles – 5/16/16

Good morning! Hope you had an amazing weekend 🙂

Charlie surprised me with a night at the Port Orleans French Quarter hotel so we spent the whole weekend at Disney World and it was so amazing and relaxing.  I didn’t get a long run run, but between the three miles I ran Sunday morning and the crazy amount of walking we did in the parks I think I did a pretty decent job of rounding out my week of training!  According to my iPhone Health app we walked about 7 miles per day.

In addition to the three miles I ran at Disney,  I also went for a 10 mile run on Tuesday.  It was a good run up until about mile 8 when it started to get way too hot. I finished out well, but did not feel so great for the rest of the day.  While I would prefer to just feel good all around after a long run, I am ok with only feeling tired because of the heat. It is nice to know that at least my legs and body are capable.  It is also reassuring that my 50 miler will be in Wisconsin in the fall…so the odds of hitting 90 degrees are pretty low. I’ll go knock on wood though haha.

Total for last weeks training: 13 miles

Not good.  Needs a lot of improvement.

I already got this week rolling with 3 miles, I am hoping to make it to Garage Run tomorrow night for 4 miles, throw in back to back long runs on Wednesday and Thursday…then the week gets a little unpredictable.  I will be sharing more on that part of the adventure tomorrow!  For now it is time to go to work 🙁


Happy Monday!


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