Monday Miles 4/25/16

Happy Monday! Fact: I was grimacing while writing that because I haven’t had a single cup of coffee yet and the struggle is real.  If you know me in real life you know that I am not very good at life before coffee.

I am honestly not quite sure how the weekend is already over because I did not do about 75% of the things I wanted/needed to. AKA my laundry basket is still piled high and my plans for multiple long runs was a best.

Weekly mileage total: about 10

I started off the week with a solid run around the block on Monday.  Then I tweaked my hip at work stepping down from a ladder so I took Tuesday through Thursday off. Friday I gave myself time to run two loops of the block, but my hip started to get angry by the end of loop one so I called it quits.  Sunday I went out with the intention of running at least 8 miles.  I felt awesome going out and the weather was playing nice…plus I had a new SPIBelt water belt to try out so I was excited! Then about 3 miles in I realized my car key was gone.  I had somehow managed to pull it out with my phone and was wearing headphones so I didn’t hear it hit the ground.  I was a little bit panicked so I turned around and ran/walked back to my car and probably put in an extra three miles going back and forth in all the places I knew I had looked at my phone.  Never found the key, called AAA instead since I had left my spare key in my purse in my car.  Smart move right?

Did you know that AAA now lets you track the person coming to help you in real time?

File_000 (4)

Once the locksmith came and saved the day, Charlie (who had come to help me look for my key) and I decided iced coffee was a must before the day could go on.

File_001 (1)

I have yet to find a problem that cookie dough iced coffee can’t fix or at least drastically improve!

Luckily I also have tomorrow off of work so I am hoping for a redemption run of at least 10 miles.  The 6 yesterday felt pretty easy so I am optimistic that I am in better shape than I am giving myself credit for.  Fingers crossed!

How was your weekend? Did your runs go as planned?

P.S. check back later…I am sharing a recipe or Meatless Monday!

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  1. You and I are on the same page when it comes to coffee!! LOL.
    Accidentally dropping my key when I take my phone out of my Spibelt is a huge fear of mine! I always try to have my finger on the key so I know it’s there. I have a couple pairs of capris that have a little zipped pocket in the back and love to put my key in there when I where them. Anyway, I’m sorry you didn’t find your key but am glad the Dunkin’ afterwards made you feel better!! 🙂

    1. Yes! Yesterday I run in capris w the little zipper pocket in the back and it was way less stressful! I’ve heard safety pinning your key into the pocket also works!

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