Monday Miles 11-7-16

Good morning!

The time change was kicking my butt last night and I was in bed ridiculously early!  However, I am wide awake this morning which is pretty much awesome!

In the running world, I had a much better week last week.  I totaled 12 whole miles.  Still not an ideal number this close to the marathon, but better than where I was.

Monday I made it 2 miles, Wednesday was 2 more miles, and Saturday was an 8 mile “long” run.

With as much as I have been struggling with running lately, I am beyond proud of that 8 mile run since it was done going up and down our driveway (which is .25 miles long) and about half was done without music because it started raining. I wanted to quite so many times in the first five miles, drug myself through the sixth mile, then all of a sudden hit a second wind for the last two.  It felt so good and did wonders for my overall motivation level.

This is the longest I have run since my 50k in September so I was pretty glad that my legs came through and I didn’t have any lasting soreness.  Yesterday I spent the day walking around Waco and felt great!

This week my goal is to run 5 days and hit double digits on my long run…hopefully somewhere more exciting than the driveway!

So how was your week of running? Did you have a long run this weekend?

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