Monday Miles: 11-21-16

Hello and happy Monday! It is a holiday week so I am just going to pretend it is Wednesday already…it makes getting out of bed easier!

I am pretty excited for this week. Not only do I love Thanksgiving, but I will also be running my first ever Turkey Trot! It’s probably going to be super small but it is only $10 to register so I am totally ok with it.  I am hoping there will be a few other runners around my age there because I really need to make some friends in my new town!  I also got new shoes this weekend so I am pretty excited to start running in them and hope my legs will like them enough to do my long run in them this weekend! The awesome guys down at Bicycle World in Waco put me in the Altra Torins.  I have a wider foot so I am pretty excited for the toe box on these shoes!

Altra Torin

Now on to my mileage last week.  Again it was pretty low and I am not impressed with myself.  I did do 8 “miles” on the elliptical a couple times but I don’t want to count that towards what I ran.  I did a 3 mile run on Monday and Saturday I made it 7.5 miles.  My goal was to hit double digit miles on Saturday and my body/legs felt great and I think it would have been no problem.  Unfortunately the shoes I was running in were just not suitable for that distance.  I started to get stabbing pain in the arch of my foot around mile 6.  It didn’t hurt when I walked so I alternated walking and running for a while.  Honestly I was trying to be stubborn and ignore what my body was telling me but it eventually started to get worse so I called it quits…and went to buy new shoes. No short term goal is worth damaging my feet before this marathon. Or any marathon really.

That puts me at a total of 10.5 miles for the week.  Not where I want to be at all, but hopefully this week I can get a few more runs in as well as an actual long run.

How was your running last week? Are you running a Turkey Trot?

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