Monday Miles 10-31-16

Happy Halloween! Did you get a chance to run a themed race this weekend? I love Halloween races and costumes and all that but did not do one this year.

Last week I managed a grand total of 7 miles.  Not great still, but better than it had been.  This weekend I will be going for a long run.  It probably won’t be double digits, but I am aiming for at least 8.

Lately I have been letting stress pile up and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by things which has led to not running….even though I know for sure that running would make me feel a million times better!  I think I just need a kick in the butt to get back out there. If I can get through my planned runs for the week I am bribing myself with a trip to Waco to go run through Cameron Park to get my long run in.  That also means a trip to the Farmers Market and brunch after, so it is a pretty good bribe!

All that to say, this past week I ran 7 whole miles and I am very much hoping to have a higher number to share next week!

How was your week of running?  What do you have planed for this week?

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