Mid July Goal Checkin and….something fun

Hey guys!  How have you been?  Is it hot where you are?! Because I think I am about to literally melt.

To start with, in case you were wondering, my goals totally flopped this month! I have been doing a lot better at drinking water and I’ve almost entirely cut out soda which is a big step in the right direction.  That said, I have (obviously) not been blogging three times a week and running three times a week hasn’t been happening either.  A flat tire on the BOB and ridiculously high temperatures are holding me back a little.

On a more fun note, I have two super fun announcements coming up.  One today and one as soon as we get a few things finalized…which could mean tomorrow or three months from now hahaha. So stay tuned for that.

As far as the now announcement, you may have seen it already on Twitter, but I am so excited to share that I am back on the BibRave Pro squad!

The Month of BUFF

I took a little time off while I was pregnant and as a new mom, but now that I am starting to feel like I have my feet back under me I am really happy about this opportunity! In the very near future there will be a race discounts tab coming to the blog and I am very excited to start sharing more of my race and gear reviews with you soon!  Of course this also means you will be seeing a lot more orange around here!

I’d love to hear from you! How have your July goals been going?!

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