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mestrength review

When you run, hydration is obviously always important.  That said, it’s an even bigger deal in the summer when just walking outside can make you sweat.  As hard as I try to keep up, I just get sick of water after a while and tend to slack off on the hydration front.  There are also times, like after long runs and workouts, that water just isn’t enough to do the trick. Electrolytes are a key part of recovering and fueling efficiently.

MESTRENGTH is one of my all time favorites. With no calories and no sugar it is a great source of five essential electrolytes with the addition of creatine which helps provide energy to the muscles.  It is also vegan if that it something you are looking for in your sports drink.  In addition, all the colors and flavors are natural!

mestrength kiwi strawberry

One of my favorite things about MESTRENGTH is how easy it is to use.  Open a tube, pour it in about 20 oz. of water, shake and drink.  It mixes in nicely and the packets are the perfect size to put in the pockets of my Orange Mud pack so I can use them if a run gets hotter than anticipated.

My other favorite thing about MESTRENGTH is the flavor.  Unlike many sports type drinks, there is no syrupy nastyness. I am not a fan of overpoweringly sweet drinks so I LOVE that MESTRENGTH is actually pretty tart! I feel like it makes it much more refreshing to drink.  The kiwi strawberry is my very favorite (which is the reason it is missing from the picture above…I drank it all before snapping the pic!)

mestrength comparison

Overall, I highly recommend giving MESTRENGTH a shot if you are looking for a new way to get your electrolytes! I have had great results and absolutely love all the flavors.

If you have questions about my experience with MESTRENGTH please feel free to let me know!

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