How not to train for a marathon…

Yall I have literally run a grand total of 7.5 miles in October.  Make that 7.5 miles since completing The North Face Endurance Challenge Series 50k.  No I have not been injured.  I have just been lacking any motivation to run.

Since the BCS Marathon is about six and a half weeks away this is obviously a little concerning.  I will also be running the Key West Half Marathon about a month after that and really wanted to make it a goal race (aka it’s PR time!) but if I can’t get my mojo back it’s obviously not going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I am MAJORLY stoked to be going to both of these races.  They are so amazing and exciting and look like a blast.  I am just in a funk after moving. Running is so much easier when it is a habit…and as much as running the same route over and over can feel boring, it can be comforting to have that route to go back to.  I LOVE living in Texas, but I haven’t found my running routes yet.  That is other than running up and down the .3 mile driveway….awesome to have but not so stimulating after a few miles.

Anyways, all that whining to say that I am human.  And I haven’t been a human that is good at running lately.

Oh and as I am typing this I think I found my motivation….BCS Marathon has awesome jackets for every finisher!  This will NOT be my first DNF!!!!

Sooo….I’ll be getting back to posting more regularly soon.  And back to running more miles very soon!

How do you beat a running slump?!

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