It had to happen eventually…marathon number two!

Well life has been a little on the hectic side around here lately.  One minute I was driving an RV towards Savannah, the next I was rerouting and heading to Texas.  Less than two weeks in Texas and Charlie and I have both started new jobs.

With new locations come new adventures, so I am embracing my new Texas home and I’ve signed up for the BCS Marathon on December 11th!  Despite having run two 50ks, this will only be my second marathon.  Crazy right?

With only 9 weeks to get ready I am keeping my goals and expectations reasonable.  I am going to have to focus a lot on fueling my runs (road marathons just don’t have the crazy smorgasbords you find at trail events lol). My first marathon this was one area where I really struggled.  To be totally honest, I haven’t run a single mile since The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Ultra.  Not a great way to start a nine week marathon training program; but when do I ever do things the easy way? 😉

This is the first race I have registered for in Texas and it is also the highest rated marathon in Texas…and I saw a rumor that there were margaritas after! Cant get much better than that.

I’m a bit nervous to see how training goes since I really want to PR my marathon…but that said I am just excited to run this race!

Want to join me? Use code ‘RAVE2016’ to save 15% (code expires 11/11)

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