Getting Started with Strava

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If you read my previous post about why I love Strava, you might be realizing you would like to come join the fun! Let me walk you through how to do that!

First things first: it’s free!
There is a paid subscription that allows you access to advanced features, but the basics are free. And that is all I have ever used…and I love it!

Step One: Download the App

Self explanatory right? Go to the App Store on your phone and search for Strava. Once it is downloaded you are set to go! (You can also get started on

Step Two: Sign Up

You can sign up with Facebook, your Google account, or your email.

From here, the world is your oyster! But let me make a few suggestions so you can get the most out of it:

Edit your profile:

Be sure to add a picture so people can put a face with your name as you connect with other Strava users!

Find clubs and challenges to join:

Strava monthly challenges

These can be found under the “Explore” tab at the bottom (It’s orange on my screenshot)
There are a lot of fun options here. Of course my first recommendation is to search “Clubs” for BibRave Run Club 😉
No joke though, it is a super fun community to start with and a great way to start connecting with people on Strava!

Record your first workout!

If you are using the app alone, press the record button in the middle and this screen will pop up.

To change the activity, press the center icon (in this case the shoe) and select from the list it gives you. Once you have that set, press “Start” and get to gettin!

If you are syncing your workouts from a watch, you will tap “More” at the bottom, then Settings.

Pick “Applictions, Services, and Devices”

Then tap “Connect a new device to Strava”

The app will walk you through the process and your workouts should automatically sync when you upload them fro your watch!

Most importantly, poke around the app and discover which Strava features are most useful to you!
As always, if you have questions please feel free to ask in the comments!

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