Friday Five: Foods to Dehydrate

Happy Friday everybody! The week really flew by and I am so happy that the weekend  is almost here again!

Since it is Friday, that means it is also time for my favorite blogging day of the week!  Friday Five is hosted by Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC.  If you haven’t checked out this weekly link up I highly recommend doing so!

The theme this week is food…and since I am FINALLY going to get a day off to play with my new food dehydrator I figured it was a great time to share…

Five Foods I Can’t Wait to Dehydrate

1)  Strawberries.  These taste like candy but are healthy..and I have never had store bought ones that taste as good as the ones my friend’s mom used to make at home.

2) Green beans. The green bean chips at Fresh Market are the original reason I put a dehydrator on our wedding registry.  I think I could live on them.

3) Apples.  This is actually what I have set out to do tomorrow so I am really looking forward to snacking on a ton of apple chips in the near future!

4) Fruit leather.  Ideally I would like to make my own goodies to carry with me on long runs, so I want to experiment with salty fruit leathers that I can easily carry and use to keep me running.  (I also found a recipe for Pumpkin Pie leather that looks amazing!)

5) Tomatoes.  From what I have seen, it might be possible to make sun dried tomatoes in a dehydrator.  And sun dried tomatoes are some of my absolute favorite things of all time.  So naturally I am very excited to try this out!

I am sure I will come across a million other things that I can’t wait to sitck in the dehydrator, but these are the top of my list at the moment 🙂

Do you have a dehydrator? What is your favorite thing to use it for?

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

4 Replies to “Friday Five: Foods to Dehydrate”

  1. My dad has a dehydrator and use to use it all the time. I’ve never made anything in it though.

  2. I don’t have a dehydrator! But those sound very cool! I love banana and plantain chips!

    1. Bananas were on my list to try…but I let mine sit wayyyy too long haha

  3. Oh, yum! What a great idea to make your own. Strawberries would be yummy!

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