Five Ultra Training Tools

5 Ultra Training Tools

So the big day is finally here! I am running my second 50k tomorrow and I could not be more excited!  This will also be my first time going to Wisconsin, my first time flying for a race and also the first time I have changed a race length after I signed up.  I am still incredibly grateful that The North Face Endurance Challenge Series allows changes in distances because I would be really freaking out right now if I was still trying to run the 50 miler!

SO today I want to share with you the five things I am so glad I did to get ready for this ultra!

5 Ultra Training Tools

Moving to the mountains for the summer

This was such an awesome opportunity. Not only did I avoid the heat of a central Florida summer, but I also had easy access to great trails and a job that meant being on my feet usually for at least 10 miles a day.  When training for an ultra, time on your feet probably just as important as actually running (at least to me) and this summer I got tons of that!

Training in the Ampla Flys

I am sharing a full review of these shoes tomorrow, but I can honestly say I had NO idea just how much of a differnce they made until I ran a trail half marathon last weekend. The Ampla Flys have helped me develope a more efficient footfall and toe off that I had worked at previously with little to no success.  Last weekend running in my usual trail shoes I felt such an awesome improvement.  It was a little mind blowing and made me really excited for the 50k tomorrow!

Strength Training

For me this has meant not only going to the gym, but also cross training and working at a barn all summer.  My entire body is more fit and I very much believe it has made me a far more efficient runner.

Getting closer to racing weight

I am about 5 to 10 lbs. lighter than the last time I started a 50k and I am feeling so good.  I was never really over weight, but I have gotten trimmer and a little lighter and I can feel a big difference. I still haven’t found my perfect racing weight, especially for ultras where you really need to balance muscle with less pressure on your joints over time, but I think I am getting closer to figuring it out.

Hydrating early and often

If you wait until race day to start drinking water you are going to suffer.  Last year I did a decent job of hydrating early, but I still lost a ton of water weight (like over 10 lbs.) running my last 50k.  This was also in part because it was probably 95 degrees out with a ton of humidity.  This summer I drank a LOT of water and I have been drinking it like crazy this past week.


Now I know not all of these are something everyone can do, but I hope it gives some insight into how I have been getting ready for this race!

If you have questions about ultra training let me know! I am far from an expert, but I can try 😉

Also, if you happen to possibly want to Tweet me tomorrow that would be awesome! I am kicking off at 7am (Wisconsin time) and would love any encouraging messages you might want to send 🙂

Since it is Friday,  am also linking up with Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC for Friday Five.  Be sure to check it out!

3 Replies to “Five Ultra Training Tools”

  1. Hey hey Jessica,
    thank you for the tips, and hope you are well!!!?

    How did the race go?

    Not judging you, obviously 50 miles is not something to be taken lightly, but why did you need to drop down to 50k?

    It is interesting you mentioned race weight, and I suppose you are also implying vs body fat vs muscle mass. This is also something I have been trying to figure out this year. I am curious how you felt about where you were at on race day compared previous races?

    Catchya later,

    1. Thanks for reading! The race went well! Full details coming soon 🙂
      I dropped to the 50k because the odds were stacking up against me. I got sick and my training suffered. My flight would have only landed 12 hours before the race start. And stress from a lot of other life factors was taking a toll on my sleep. One of these things would not have been the end of the world but the combination was just too much. On race day I knew I made the right decision!
      “Racing weight” for me worked well. I felt really strong and secure. I pr’ed by 30 minutes so I think it worked well. Still some things to improve on though!
      Thanks again for the comment!

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