Things I am Looking Forward to This Weekend

Happy Friday! Another week is gone and I have another full weekend off! Then I work a day and have Tuesday off as well!

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I spent my morning run thinking about all the things I want and need to do this weekend, so what better time than now to share?

5 Things I am looking forward to doing this weekend

Going for a trail run

It has been a sadly long time since I went running in the woods so I mean to fix that this weekend! I know my mileage won’t be what it was a few months ago, but I am hoping to make it 10 miles run/walk/running!  My shins have not been loving the pavement running lately so hopefully this will give them a break.


Hitting up Disney World

I think the goal is to go for the morning and ride Expedition Everest as many times in a row as is physically possible then swing by Epcot to see some more of the Flower and Garden Festival…then getting home in time for a nap!  Annual passes might be the best thing about living in Florida.  I don’t feel obligated to stay the entire day to justify the cost of a daily ticket. Also I owe Charlie a day with more roller coasters and less me playing with my camera all day taking too many pictures 😉

IMG_0398 - Edited

Going to a farmers market

It’s practically summer here so I am hoping to find some good produce at one of the local farmers markets this weekend! Farm fresh vegetables just taste better than the grocery store kind…especially tomatoes!  I am also thinking brunch and/or frozen yogurt will need to happen after the farmers market!

Binge watching How To Get Away With Murder

I am so hooked on this show and season 2 finally came on Netflix!  SO if I don’t manage anything else on this list it will be because I spent all my time on this particular activity.

Reading a book

I just got a copy of 50/50 by Dean Karnazes and I have yet to start it.  As I am mentally preparing to train for my 50 miler this fall I figured I could use some inspiration!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend.
    I used to work at Disney here in France and when they opened a new roller coaster we had to film the advertising first. So they used the cast members. But all they wanted to film was us getting OFF but we still had to do the whole ride. I did it 17 times that day. Never felt so sick to my stomach in my life… LOL Had my fill of roller coasters !

    1. Oh my gosh!! That just might manage to ruin roller coasters for me as well!!!!

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