Five Summer Fitness Goals

May is already here and summer is just around the corner…or if you happen to live in Florida it is already here with a vengeance!  I’ve got some big changes coming up for the summer (more on that soon) so I figure it is a great time to make some new fitness goals!  And no I don’t just mean “bikini body” type goals 😉

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Five Summer Fitness Goals

  1. Ultra Training – this is obviously the top priority since there is a BIG looming goal at the end of the summer that needs to be accomplished. By the time summer is over I need to be ready for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series – Wisconsin!
  2. Meditation – I think it is equally important to address mental health and wellness in addition to the physical.  Meditation has never been a big part of my life, but I have been reading articles lately about all the benefits it can have so I figure there is not time like the present to see how if can impact my life. This article was a big influence on this decision.
  3. Get serious about cross training – hiking, swimming, biking and hitting the gym are going to get added to my summer routine. And a little horseback riding too.  Running is good, but taking time to focus on overall fitness is also extremely important and I think it will help avoid burnout as I rack up the mileage. (Plus Hank is really cute when we go hiking!)       1109141442c
  4. Cutting out soda – I have fallen back into the bad habit of drinking soda to get through the day. I know I don’t like how it makes me feel (aka I get bloated immediately) but I get so addicted so quickly.
  5. Getting enough sleep – This is pretty boring as far as goals go, but I recently read somewhere that sleep deprivation is cumulative.  So if you are just getting an hour too little sleep a couple times a week it may seem like no big deal for a while, but it all adds up eventually.  I need to work on getting things done more efficiently during the day so I can consistently get a good night of sleep!

Do you have summer fitness goals?  

Happy Friday and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

6 Replies to “Five Summer Fitness Goals”

  1. I hate to say I back off on my goals during the summer. But I really just shift their focus. I focus on cross-training like you & focus on maintaining my long run base, I usually rotate through 6,8, & 10 mile long runs to keep up with it. But will sub in a long bike ride here & there. I’ll run a few 5Ks and have goals for those, but my big HM training won’t come until cooler weather.

    1. I keep saying I need to make my big races in the spring rather than the fall!
      Taking it easier in the heat sounds like a way better plan!

  2. Just found your blog and am loving it! My goals are to focus on marathon training and to work in more “pre-hab”: icing, foam rolling, all the good stuff I tend to ignore.

    1. Thank you so much!!
      It is so so so easy to ignore the prehab stuff. I always get done working out and just want to sit on the couch…but it really makes such a huge difference!
      Thanks SO much for reading 🙂

  3. Hank is adorable. We have a yellow lab at home too. Aren’t they just the best? I recently moved and my roommate and I are talking about another Ultra the beginning of fall too. We will see how the training foes this summer. Good luck training for yours.

    1. They are so fantastic!
      That’s awesome that you and your roommate train together!!

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