Five Signs Pregnancy is Actually an Ultramarathon in Disguise

Y’all I am not doing well on my goal to get back to running/walking as soon as possible.  I started a new job and this past week I have been leaving early in the morning and totally beat by the end of work.  Next week my schedule gets a little more manageable so I hope that I will be getting back to moving more!

That said I am starting to realize that there are a lot of similarities between running an ultra and being pregnant…so until I get back to actually running, this is what I have to share!

5 signs pregnancy ultra-2



  1. You might spend a lot of time soaking your feet.  To be honest this is totally what started this train of thought.  I am sitting in my living room soaking my feet in epsom salt as I type this.  Super glamorous right?  The last time I had to soak my feet like this was after The North Face ECS 50K when sand took off a lot of skin on the bottom of my feet….now it’s because my feet are swollen.  Maybe not the same symptom, but sitting here with my feet in a bowl of water certainly feels familiar.
  2. You get hungry…like really really world-is-ending hungry. Post ultra I feel like I always spend a couple days eating everything I can possibly get my hands on.  Now it is happening again without the initial calorie burn to make it all make sense.  Nevertheless I spent most of my Sunday searching my kitchen for food I could eat with minimal effort.
  3. It’s easy to get dehydrated. In both cases your body needs an extra boost in the hydration department.  This similarity is less amusing and more of a daily reminder that I need to be constantly drinking water, and then some more water.
  4. You’re emotionally and physically drained. Before this adventure in growing another human I never thought anything could compare to that crazy crash I’ve felt after both of my 60ks.  I was so incredibly wrong.  Now a day of standing around at work can make me feel just as tired – every single day.
  5. It doesn’t look like the postcard. Long distance running pretty much never goes according to plan. Both of my 50ks got a lot warmer than I thought they would and there were just so many factors that went into the experience.  It never felt like I thought it would which isn’t really a bad or good thing.  It simply is. And you realize that there is no way to 100% control the situation and you cannot force it to be what you want.  With regards to pregnancy this is something that I plan to share a lot more about in the future, but the short version is that it is certainly not “as advertised.” I am so incredibly grateful to be having the experience, but it is not at al what I thought it would be!


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