Five Great Things About Becoming a Morning Person

Five Great Things About Becoming a Morning Person -

Now if you had told me a year ago that I would be happy about being awake early I would have told you that you were entirely off you rocker.  Of course if you told me five years ago that I would be running for fun I would have also thought you were nuts.  So there is that.

Since moving to Texas and starting a new job I have been making an effort to actually get up and get going earlier than is absolutely necessary to not be late for work.  And I have been liking it!

Five Great Things About Becoming a Morning Person

Time to enjoy coffee and the news

I love love love my morning coffee.  Life is not the same without it.  The news can be a little overwhelming and depressing but it is important to keep up with anyways.  I usually “cheat” a little and read The Skimm (if you don’t get their emails you reallllllly should sign up.  They are awesome and free!!)  Anyways, I feel a little more like a grown up when I can take some time to get caught up on current events.

Nobody has to talk to you

This probably sounds awful, but there is something really nice about some peace and quiet with your coffee on occasion.  When I was not a morning person I was usually drinking my first cup of coffee at work and people were already asking questions…not ideal.

Time for a little workout

I have zero desire to wake up early enough for a long run plus the time it would take to shower and dry my hair after….so I will stick with being an after work runner.  That said, starting my day with a little yoga flow or other light (aka non-sweaty workout).  It just makes me feel more accomplished all through the day!

It makes early morning races easier

Usually races aren’t too much of an issue because there is plenty of adrenaline working in your favor.  But waking up closer to race time on a regular basis does help your body get used to it so you don’t have to rely on adrenaline to heavily!

Get your ducks in a row

It has really been life changing to have the time in the morning to get my plan for the day set up.  Not flying by the seat of your pants is a great feeling!

Overall I still have improving to do but I am loving this change!

So: What is your take? Are you a morning person?  

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