Five Graphic Tees For Food Lovers

Hey everybody…happy Friday!  This being Friday, I am linking up with Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC for Friday Five and the topic this week is food.  I have a confession: my food lately has been pretty boring. However, I do have a newfound obsession with graphic tees (ok, let’s be honest and call it reignited obsession because there was a phase in middle school with the same passion) and I want to share with you…

Five Graphic Tees For Food Lovers

Running a lot usually means wanting to eat a lot.  My love of running has also led to some of my worst hangry moments….so what better than shirts that talk about food?

(P.S. I am linking to all the sources but they are not affiliate links. I am not that cool)nice brunch tee

This one from  I LOVE brunch….especially post long run brunch.  Best food ever.

From Express. Did you know they have awesome graphic tees? I just found out and I think I am going to need to buy this one! This is what I say the whole time when I work out with friends. Every time.

It's Tuesday Somewhere - tacos tshirt - taco lover, funny t-shirts, foodie gifts, taco shirt, mexican food, graphic tee, Taco Tuesday Cinco

Found this one on Etsy. Taco Tuesday is probably my favorite day of the week.

Shanty 2 Chic "No Coffee, No Workee" Unisex Tee

This one from Milk and Honey Tees. I guess coffee isn’t technically food, but in my life it deserves its own food group!

Donuts Workout Tank // Yoga, Workout, Pilates, Barre // Graphic Tee

One last Etsy find. Because what is better than a workout tank that tell the whole world that you also love donuts?


Are you a graphic tee fan? What is you favorite?

Happy Friday!

6 Replies to “Five Graphic Tees For Food Lovers”

  1. I love fun tees like these. And yes I agree, coffee should be its own food group.

    1. If they still used the pyramid I would want it to be the very bottom haha

  2. haha – LOVE the no coffee no workee T! that’s awesome.

    1. Me too! I’ve heard awesome things about their shirts too. So I just might need to order it!

  3. Those are all so cute! I love a fun graphic tee!

    1. I went through an “I’m too grown up for that” phase and have snapped out of it for sure!

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