Five Favorite Running Moments

Happy Friday!

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It has been a long crazy week, so I am unwinding and sharing a few (ok, five) of my favorite running memories!

Running The Color Run with friends!

Sure it is fun to race and try to PR, but sometimes going out with a group of friends and running through clouds of colored chalk is just the most incredible experience!

friday 5 color run

Finishing my first marathon

This was such a huge moment for me.  I was under trained and in pain, nothing went according to plan, but I was so overwhelmingly happy when I finished.  And I was totally hooked!

friday 5 2

13.1 miles into my 50k

Carrying a Christmas Tree Cake and grabbing a lemonade…not what you would expect to see at a road race.  I love trails and ultras because it is a laid back atmosphere.  Plus there is tasty food I am sure to burn off in no time! This picture makes me smile because I remember how good I felt and how excited I was to be doing something so crazy!

friday 5 1

Trail running like a hooligan

Nothing beats stress better than going out and running in the woods and stopping to take goofy pictures jumping off of things.  Am I right?

Meeting other BibRavePros at the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon

This picture is a double winner…it was taken right before one of my very favorite races of all time, and I was hanging out with people in real life after having only known them online for quite some time!

 I think one of my favorite things about running memories and pictures is that they don’t have to be posed and perfect to mean something.  None of my favorites are of me running past the camera and looking super athletic.  They are all moments where I discovered truths about myself that I would not have otherwise.  They are fun moments, moments where I proved to myself that I am capable of so much more than I ever dreamed, and moments where I was so incredibly happy to be doing what I love 🙂

What are your favorite running memories?

5 Replies to “Five Favorite Running Moments”

  1. We wrote about the same thing today! I love looking back on happy running memories, it makes me so excited to see what’s in my running future!

    1. Love it!!! Pictures are such great motivation on days when running feels like a chore 🙂

  2. Congrats on all these great experiences! My best memory is also my first marathon. I was over trained AND injured!!!!

  3. I also love pictures that are necessarily posed. My daughter comes with me to many races and has taken candid pictures at the end where I was not necessarily looking at her, but at my medal for example… those pictures are always the best.

    1. Yes! I need to get my husband on board with the whole taking pictures thing!!

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