Five Bucket List Ultramarathons

It’s Friday again and I am so dang happy about that fact!  This has been one heck of a week.

In other news, May is just around the corner…and so is the official start of my training for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in Wisconsin! (Are you going to be there? There are lots of distance options and you can use BIB15 for 15% off the entry fee!  I would LOVE to meet you in “real life”!)

This being Friday, I am linking up with Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC for Friday Five.  And because I have ultras on the brain, I want to share…

Five Bucket List Ultramarathons!

  1. Obviously The North Face ECS Wisconsin is on the top of the list! This wil lbe my first 50 miler, it is hosted by The North Face, they have on of my favorite beer brands (AKA Sierra Nevada!) AND they have Dean Karnazes…what more could you want?
  2. The Hoka Highland Fling – I am dreaming big here people! I think I could be convinced to run just about any distance just for this view! (Picture lovingly pilfered from the race’s Facebook page)
  3. Connemarathon – I mean it’s in Ireland…and the views are amazing again, and there are cute sheep!  An all around winner in my book (picture also from their Facebook page)
  4. Yakima Skyline Rim 50k  – I had no idea until recently that my home town has an ultramarathon, so naturally it made the list! 
  5. The Circus – It’s a 12 hour trail race in Texas….and this year it happens to take place 2 days before my birthday. PLUS there are burritos and a party afterwards.  It’s calling my name!woods-party.jpg\

Do you have a racing bucket list?

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

4 Replies to “Five Bucket List Ultramarathons”

  1. Wow, these are definitely big races! I have been to Ireland but never ran there. The sights are amazing though.

    So how far is that 12 hour trail run?

    1. I went to Ireland and fell in love so O really want to go back to run!
      The 12 hour is however far you can get in the time allowed. You ran laps until you can’t run anymore lol

  2. That’s an awesome looking list of races, though I am nowhere near to them. I’m still working towards a full marathon.

    1. I have to say, my 50k was easier than a full…I don’t do roads well

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