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It is finally starting to kinda sorta maybe cool down just a tiny bit outside…and that has me thinking about all the fall foods I want to start cooking! AKA this is really just a list of all the things I want to make as soon as I don’t melt just thinking about turning my oven on 🙂

My Favorite Fall Foods


I can already picture it in my head.  Warm fluffy biscuits, apple butter, and a hot cup of coffee.  Yum.  In my head I am also wearing a giant blanket scarf and a sweater and leaves are falling outside…but I didn’t say this was entirely realistic did I?

Pumpkin Pie

This is pretty much fall in a single dish isn’t it?  I just love it.  The only thing I might like better than plain pumpkin pie is pumpkin pie cheesecake!

Apple Cider

So this isn’t technically food, but I grew up in the middle of an apple orchard so nothing says fall to me like freshly pressed apple cider.

Stew and cornbread

My tummy feels happy already.  Bonus points for the fact that stew is so darn easy to just dump in the crockpot so you don’t have to do much work.

Seasonal Beer

Ok, also not a food.  But you can’t have a list of fall goodies without the beer.  This is my favorite season for tasty beers. Hands down.  The Total Wine employees and I get to know each other very well this time of year!


Tell me: What is your favorite fall food? Or leave me a list if you can’t make up your mind either 😉

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  1. Mmm. These are all great. Apple cider and biscuits would top my list!

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