Dawson’s Run 5k Race Recap

Dawson's Run bib

Good morning!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  Since talking about running is my favorite, I figured it was only fitting to get through the start of the week by recapping my experience at Dawson’s Run this weekend.

If you read my Ultimate Coffee Date post on Saturday you probably saw that I ran a 5k this weekend…it was a very last minute decision when I just happened to not have to work until noon that day. (Plus I got shiny new BibRave gear so I had to take it for a spin!)

Dawson's Run 5k Recap bibrave orange

The Cause

I found this race through a friend who was partnering with them as part of her college capstone project.  Dawson’s Run is a memorial race named for a young man who had cancer and it raises money for The Truth 365 which is a program designed to help bring funding and awareness to fighting pediatric cancers.

Packet Pickup

I had to work the day previous so I had to wait until race morning to pick up my bib.  When I got there, there was no line, but the volunteer handing out bibs was too busy on her phone to notice I was there so I ended up waiting anyhow.  Because I signed up late (aka the day before the race) she said that I would have to come back later to see if a shirt in my size was still available because they were making sure people that signed up before the deadline received their shirt. Totally understandable, no problem.  When I did have a problem was when the same volunteer telling others as I walked away “oh no, she signed up way late.” Now if I had thrown a fit that might have been justified, but I waited patiently and had no problem with waiting until after the race.  After I went to my car to drop off my packet and came back they decided they had enough shirts after all and I got my shirt. My bib number was awesome though!

Dawson's Run bib

The Race

Dawson’s Run started in the parking lot of the elementary school.  There was music from a boombox but you couldn’t really hear it.  They had a person sing the national anthem, another person said a prayer, Dawson’s mother told her story….and they used a dirt bike to demonstrate how to run a lap around the parking lot (it was the start of the course).  Given that the race started late, we probably could have lived without the detailed demonstration of how to follow the cones and run a lap, but that’s just me.

The course went through small town Geneva, FL.  The scenery wasn’t remarkable, but after running in Orlando for so long it was nice to see open spaces.

Dawson's Run course

There were police at several intersections, but I don’t think the course was completely closed.  That said, one perk to running in a small town is that I think at least half the residents were participating in the event and traffic was never an issue.

About a mile in I was wondering why I felt so slow and why it felt so hard to run. I looked at the weather on my phone and realized it was quickly approaching 80 and the humidity was over 80% (it started to rain as I was finishing).  Running in Florida heat is never easy, but it is even harder when you haven’t had time to get used to it yet.  That and I haven’t been running as much as I want lately, so I just stuck with a slow and steady pace.

There were two water stations along the course which I would usually think was a bit much for a 5k, but I stopped at both and was very grateful.

The course was marked well in terms of directions, but also with mile signs which was great because my Strava app has not been working properly lately.

There were a surprising number of people at the finish area cheering which was great!  They had water and bananas for everyone and there was even a food truck selling gelato.

The unofficial results were posted very quickly and I was not surprised to see that I had averaged about 12 minutes per mile (oh hello sting to the ego lol) but I was surprised that it was good enough to win my age group.  Yesterday I saw the official results posted and found out that I actually wasn’t the only one in my age group either.  So take that Florida heat and humidity! I can still do things!

Dawson’s Run Overall

This is a cute race with a very personal story.  It is put on every year by people who might not know all that much about running and races, but they are passionate about what they are doing it for.  While it is not a race I would drive across the state for, it is a very good race to run if you are in the area!

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