Cleared to run!

Yesterday was my final postpartum doctor visit and I got cleared to go back to life as usual!  It’s actually a little strange to finally feel like I have no restrictions or limitations. I can run trails without worrying that one little fall could be catastrophic! 

Of course at this point Oliver is still too little to go for runs in the stroller, although I will confess that we ran (very slowly) a few times on our walk this morning when I found a nice smooth stretch of road. If you are familiar with rural Texas you’ll know I didn’t do much running hahaha. It was, however, enough for me to get over my fear that my body has just entirely forgotten how to run. It actually felt pretty good!

My biggest concern now is keeping up my milk supply. I want to be able to continue breastfeeding so I am going to be mindful of how much I’m exercising so I don’t mess it up. 

I think this return to running is going to be very humbling but also very good for my mental health! It also means that it’s time to start looking for a goal race…maybe my first 50 miler?

That said, I’m not trying to push myself too hard just yet. I want to build a base properly and figure out some small goals to work towards along the way. For now I am hoping to be able to run a 5k by Thanksgiving. But let me actually go for a run and that goal might get reevaluated quickly! 

If you have ever returned to running postpartum or trained for a race (especially ultra distance) while breastfeeding I would love to hear from you!

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