Hello 2018!

Happy New Year!! I spent last night working and was sound asleep before midnight because I had to be up bright and early to get back to work this morning. I for one am sincerely hoping that the weather we have to start the year does not predict the weather for the rest of the […]

2017 in review

I wish I could tell you how many miles I ran in 2027 or some great running feat I accomplished. But in all honestly didn’t run many miles or tackle any new running goals. Blogging and social media took a back seat….like a wayyyyy back seat. I did run my first Ragnar. And that was […]

Cleared to run!

Yesterday was my final postpartum doctor visit and I got cleared to go back to life as usual!  It’s actually a little strange to finally feel like I have no restrictions or limitations. I can run trails without worrying that one little fall could be catastrophic!  Of course at this point Oliver is still too […]


This is not what I wanted. I cannot believe that this has actually happened. The entire election feels surreal. But I will choose love. I will not give in to hatred and bitterness. I will not start calling names. I will not stop fighting for the rights of those who are so often marginalized. I […]