AfterShokz Sports Titanium Review

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If you have been following along on my blog or social media, you probably already know that I am OBSESSED with AfterShokz and their bone conduction technology.

The short version is that it is totally priceless to be able to hear both what is coming through your head phones AND what is happening around you.  Even though I haven’t been running in roads much, I like using them for my “driveway 5k”s because it helps me be more aware.  When you run up and down the driveway it is easy to assume there won’t be any traffic…but it is also easy to be wrong!

The obvious difference between the Sportz and the Trekz is that there is a cord rather than bluetooth.  One of the biggest reasons I wanted to try these out is that I always end up using corded headphones for marathons and ultras because my phone battery struggles to go the distance. (Pun totally intended.)

The first thing I noticed was that these were WAY more lightweight than the Trekz.  I am sure this is at least in part because not as much technology needed to be stored in the headpiece itself and could be distributed.  There is a power pack on the lower part of the cord which is where you charge the headphones.  Further up the cord is a small plastic piece with the buttons for volume and the play/pause button.  This allows the headpiece to be far slimmer and lighter than the Trekz.

I was initially concerned that the lighter weight would cause the headphones to wiggle more, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case.  Through all my runs they didn’t budge and I could hardly tell I was even wearing them!


The sound quality of the AfterShokz Sportz Titanium is great and I got to really test them out at the Hot Chocolate 15k in Dallas.  If you read my review, you can guess how much I needed the motivation of good music for that race in the cold! It was a pretty big race as well so I appreciated being able to hear all the other runners around me as well as directions from the volunteers!

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Another thing I really preferred about the Sportz was that they are easier to keep on your neck.  They don’t squeeze as tightly, but there is also a clip that goes on your sleeve so you can be sure they won’t fall off and disappear!

That clip I just mentioned? Also AMAZING for keeping the cord from flying all around and driving you crazy while you work out.

Overall: I am loving the AfterShokz Sportz Titanium! I can’t wait to use them for long races in the future as well!

Have you ever tried AfterShokz bone conduction technology? Let me know what you thought!

If you want to try AfterShokz Sportz Titanium for yourself, follow this link to get a free water bottle with your purchase!

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  1. Sounds like another great product from Aftershokz! I live in my Trekz…running with music or podcasts, working while listening to podcasts, and I am always able to hear everything going on ❤ I am not completely convinced I could go back to wired headphones, but you make a good argument to ??

    1. I didn’t think I could either but the clip made such a huge difference and they don’t flop around!

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