Would I actually want to run like Captain America?

Yeah, so you read the title and said “what?” right?  That was literally the thought I was having during my run yesterday though!

It actually all started when I said “On your left” to a person I was passing (they were walking. I am not fast.) and all I could think of was the scene with Captain America:


That one.

Now I will say that the early part of my run yesterday also felt awesome.  I was having one of those days where things just “clicked.”  Until a mile in when the humidity/heat/sunlight/pain in my toe spiked all at once.  Not such a fun feeling anymore suddenly.

So anyways, to get through the struggle bus portion of the run I started thinking more about the Captain America thing.  Here is this guy who has super strength and speed and he’s just bopping along at high speeds not even breaking a sweat (just watch the gif a few times more, it’s ok) despite lapping another majorly fit guy.  I feel like this is lapping a Kenyan in a marathon.

As I was running and thinking, it occurred to me that this would be a really cool thing to experience a few times but I think I would lose some of the joy of running after a short while.  Don’t get me wrong, being fast would be great.  I would LOVE to be a speedy person who could also just run for days on end.  But truthfully half of my love of running comes from knowing I pushed my boundaries.  When I finish a run not feeling tired it feels like it shouldn’t count.  Running means the most to me when I leave it all out there on the road/trail.  I want to feel like I could not have done anymore than I did.  The exhaustion is a reward.

So I guess the question is:

Would I still love to run if it was easy?

Would you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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  1. Would I still love running if it were easy?
    Some days yes. I can still think of my fastest race: half marathon were it was easy. I was floating on air, the whole time like I had more in me to go even faster as I passed people. Great memory but yeah it’s nice to feel sweaty and sore like i’ve challenged my body sometimes. I’ll take a bit of both please…

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