About Me

Hi there!
My name is Jessica and I am so glad you stopped by my blog!

I am a newleywed and the pet parent to our dog Hank and cat Nora.  Life can get a little crazy but we have a good time.

I picked up running as a way to stay in shape without the cost of a gym membership when I had just graduated from college.  I had hated running when I played sports growing up, but somehow I got addicted once it was my idea!

You may have guessed that my blog is named for my love of running…and you are right! That said, as I grow I am also learning that as much as I may love running, it is also important to slow down.  When you hurry from one thing to the next place you miss so much about the world around you.  Eventually you get to a point where days look like a blur and you wonder what you missed. Easy fix: slow down and appreciate the little things that happen every day!

So here we are! Running fast but slowing it down to appreciate the little moments happening every day!

Thanks again for joining me on this journey,