About Me

Hi there!
My name is Jessica and I am so glad you stopped by my blog!

My life has changed a lot since I started this blog, but running has been the one constant. I was never a runner growing up even though I was involved in a lot of different sports – I just had a knack for finding the most stationary positions for each! After college, however, I was broke and needed a way to stay in shape without paying for a gym membership.  And so I found running.  Two years later I signed up for my first race – a 10 mile trail race! I guess I should have seen that as a sign because, despite having run quite a few miles and races on pavement, I will always be a trail runner at heart!

Fast forward to now and I am counting down to my return to running. I am a new mom and, at this point, I still have a little longer to wait until I am medically cleared to run.  Once I am cleared it is going to be a big transition since I did not run for most of my pregnancy.  My doctor gave me the go-ahead to run as long as I felt like it while I was pregnant, but my body and he Texas weather had other plans.  I was so exhausted most of the time and being outside was miserable without even trying to run!  While I know that this will make my return to running a bit more difficult, I do not regret my decision and I am so glad I respected my body’s limitations.

That said, I am planning to use the rest of 2017 to rebuild my base, then I have some big goals in mind for 2018!  I hope you’ll join me for the journey!


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