2Toms SportShield Review

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Like many runners, I have the opposite of a thigh gap…I call it the thigh overlap 😉

Just kidding….sorta…but between strong legs and the fact that I live in the sunshine state, I usually end up choosing between being way too hot running in capris, or I end up with chafing.

I have tried a ton of products and methods to combat the chafing issue.  Most either don’t work at all, or work for a few miles/hours then wear off.  Applying most of these products it also a hassle.  Some don’t come out of the applicator well enough, some get all over your hands and won’t come off.

2Toms SportShield mail

I am so beyond happy to say that 2Toms SportShield is my solution! To start off with, it is in a roll on applicator which is awesome.  No more trying to get a stick of stuff to stick to your legs.  It goes on and you can easily apply enough product to feel safe while running.  It also comes in wipes which are AWESOME to carry with you on super long runs where you may need to reapply.  

On that note – I have yet to run a distance where I needed to reapply.  In fact, I also use this when I go out in skirts (the thunder thigh struggle is real here folks) and it has the power to go all day! 

2Toms SportShield running shorts

In addition to using 2Toms on my legs when running, I have used it for the sides or my toes when wearing my work clogs (and running shoes)

2Toms SportShield Dansko

On all points of contact when wearing new high heels

2Toms SportShield heels

and on the fronts an back of my ankles when wearing my riding boots (for reference: I have worn these boots for nearly 5 years and I always end up with raw ankles. 2Toms prevented even that.)

Overall I am beyond thrilled with my experience with 2Toms and I will be ordering more for sure as summer is closing in and temperatures are already soaring.

If you also want to try out 2Toms SportShield, use code 2TOMS20 for 20% off!

Have questions about my experience with 2Toms? Let me know!!

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