2017 in review

I wish I could tell you how many miles I ran in 2027 or some great running feat I accomplished. But in all honestly didn’t run many miles or tackle any new running goals. Blogging and social media took a back seat….like a wayyyyy back seat.

I did run my first Ragnar. And that was pretty great.

But at the end of the year there isn’t a whole lot of running to look back on.

All that said, it was a pretty wild ride of a year. In 2017 I became a mom, and this little guy is worth all the missed runs and then some.

That said, I am looking forward to lacing up my running shoes more this year. Oliver is getting closer to being able to ride in the stroller while I run and I so excited for that chapter of our lives!

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk a little more about specific goals for 2018, but I wanted to hop on here today to share my gratitude for the amazing things that happened in 2017!

I hope you’ll join me in reflecting on 2017 and all the things we have to feel grateful for!

What was your favorite thing from this past year?

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